Our traditional recruitment procedure

We offer recruitment services within public affairs and market access. At RP People we do not only employ consultants with a wide network, industry-specific knowledge and recruitment experience, but we also hire consultants with several years of experience from top executive positions in public and private organizations.

These wide competences make a difference when we initiate a dialogue with new clients. Based on initial discussions of your needs, we conduct a needs analysis in order to identify the right candidate for your company. Also, the needs analysis includes an assessment of how to maximize your public affairs efforts. For example, the assessment might show that some employees are ready to adopt new areas of responsibility, whilst others may need a work load reduction.

We know the market of public affairs and based on our professional knowledge and experience, RP People can help you in setting realistic expectations from the outset. Our consultants have wide knowledge on political decision-making processes, working methods and other aspects that are crucial when working in public affairs. This knowledge is used for assessing the candidates and their abilities in supporting your public affairs efforts.

Other services

Staff turnover sometimes results in companies and organizations missing key-persons for an unsuitable time span which may become critical for business.

At RP People, we have access to experienced consultants from Rud Pedersen Public Affairs, as well as our own associated network of consultants to help you with interim solution on short notice –be ita consultant on a pre-determined weekly hours-contract or a team of PA-consultant, executing tasks within a given time span. The tasks can be executed on several levels through our access to consultants, senior advisors and top executives.

Many companies have a professionally organized recruitment process. Nevertheless, it rarely happens that companies need to hire an employee or manager specializing in public affairs only. In this case, RP People offers your company the option of a 2nd opinion on all applications in which we conduct interviews with possible candidates in order to test their PA-competencies and tools.

RP People evaluates the former experiences of possible candidates, the value of their network, as well as whether they have the tools to work effectively for your interests.

New employees rarely have all of the skills that their new position demands. This is not necessarily disqualifying, but it is important to know for any employer before hiring a new employee, so the new employee can get access to useful and relevant knowledge faster. RP People assists you in obtaining better qualifications for your new employees – faster and more effectively.

RP People offers short training programs within public affairs, while expanding the network of employees , as well as giving an introduction to special political circumstances and procedures relevant for your company.

We offer expert coaching of new foreign top executives hired in a position as Danish or Nordic director. Through short and effective training sessions, we give a brief introduction to the political system, special cultural circumstances, as well as networking opportunities relevant for the executive’s role as a professional.

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Gitte Bengtsson
Gitte BengtssonHead of RP People | +45 20 60 69 78
Gitte Bengtsson has more than 30 years of experience as HR specialist, political advisor and director of Danish interest groups and NGOs. Gitte has been member of the board of directors at the Danish Regions for ten years. Prior to that, she held leading positions at the Confederation of Danish Industry, the Danish Construction Association and PensionDanmark. Above that, she is an experienced board member, e.g. as part of the board at the University of Southern Denmark and Aspekt R&D.