Gitte Bengtsson
Gitte BengtssonHead of RP People | +45 20 60 69 78
Gitte Bengtsson has more than 30 years of experience as HR specialist, political advisor and director of Danish interest groups and NGOs. Gitte has been member of the board of directors at the Danish Regions for ten years. Prior to that, she held leading positions at the Confederation of Danish Industry, the Danish Construction Association and PensionDanmark. Above that, she is an experienced board member, e.g. as part of the board at the University of Southern Denmark and Aspekt R&D.

Contact Gitte Bengtsson | +45 20 60 69 78

Jens Andersen
Jens AndersenCourse leader
Jens Andersen is member of our team of senior advisors.
For ten years, Jens was Chief Executive Officer at Region Zealand, as well as Chairman for the Regions’ Health IT Committee. Jens has extensive knowledge of public companies, the Regions, the political system in the regions and the public sector in general. Also, Jens is the former Chief Executive Officer at Banedanmark and the Danish Transport Authority.
Jens Stenbæk
Jens StenbækCourse leader
Jens Stenbæk has extensive experience through his 23 years of tenure as a civil servant in the public sector. As Vice President of the Danish Regions, chief negotiator during the collective agreements, Mayor of Tornved Municipality, and as Chairman of Region Zealand, Jens knows Danish politics and the healthcare sector from within.
Peter Frandsen
Peter FrandsenCourse leader
Peter Frandsen has a background as an orthopedic surgeon and 15 years of management experience as medical director. He has also worked as a consultant for the Danish Health Authority for more than three years. Altogether, Peter contributes with his extensive insights on medical and organizational circumstances in the healtcare sector.